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Meet Harry!

Harry Revell is playing Clive Nugent
Harry Revell studied Performing Arts at York College from 2011 to 2014 then went on to study Film Production at the University of Winchester from 2014 to 2017. He has always had a love for performance and entertainment, acting in local productions of the 2012 Mystery Plays and the YSCP production of Duchess of Malfi where he showed his villainous side as the character Ferdinand. Harry has also served as an Extra on television sets since 2013, and has appeared in the background of such shows as Emmerdale, Peaky Blinders and Ripper Street
Harry plays Clive: the only child of Mr and Mrs Nugent. With no real guidance he lacks a moral compass which could explain his seemingly passive attitude to killing animals simply to stitch them back together to make taxidermy models.
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Meet Fran!

Frances retired from a high profile career last year and moved back to York with her husband.  After working at a senior level Frances gained vast experience in public speaking and became adept at delivering presentations to a variety of audiences. Upon retirement she fulfilled a long held ambition of joining a drama group and is now an active member of the YSCP.  Last year she was cast in the short-play ‘Slip Sliding Away’ which was her debut performance with the Players. When she’s not acting Frances is a trustee of a local charity and enjoys taking long walks with her dogs.
Frances plays an active member of the ensemble, jumping from the role of mourner, shoe, Karen’s mother to a magical, spiritual entity of the magic realm.

Meet Helen!

Leeds born Helen acted with several theatre groups there in diverse roles. The Red Shoes is her second show for Settlement. Helen is a freelance storyteller, who retells ghost stories and folklore. She also loves writing comedies, some of which have appeared at Scriptfactor.  Helen plays the character of Mags. Mags appears a subservient, middle-aged housekeeper bumbling along with poor vision. Though well-intentioned, the road to Hell is paved with such sentiments. At first, Mags seems kind, but she’s like someone wrenching the door from you when you’re struggling to open to it, trapping your fingers in the process! Her motives are loving, yet it remains to be seen whether Mags uses sound judgement. She desires to impart colour into Karen’s life but what will be the consequences? Despite these conflicting aspects, Mags is maternal, magical and more than she seems.

Meet Glyn!

Time to meet Glyn; who is playing 'Sylvestor' in our Autumn production of 'Red Shoes'. Here's what Glyn has to say: I'm Glyn, from London, though I live in York. My first ever part was as cowboy Blanco Posnet in a Shaw one-act play in Exeter. I trained at East 15 Acting School 1976-79, then acted at the Library & Royal Exchange theatres & Leeds Playhouse, also many parts in fringe theatre in Manchester & London, including title role in Macbeth. In York I have acted with York Shakespeare Project, and for YSCP: Telegin in Uncle Vanya at Theatre Royal studio & Dennis in Slip Sliding Away at Eagle & Child pub. This is my first devilish shoemaker. What took me so long?

Meet Olivia!

Are you getting excited for our Autumn production, "Red Shoes". To whet your appetite, meet Olivia, who will be playing Karen.
Here's what Olivia has to say: My name’s Olivia Caley, I’m an 18 year old actress and I’m playing Karen in ‘The Red Shoes’. I’ve just finished studying Acting at York College and I also have a big passion for singing and musical theatre! Karen is a 16 year old orphan who is given a pair of red shoes which turn out to be magic and make her dance. At first it’s like her dream has come true but she quickly learns that they’re not what they seem.

Auditions for our Autumn Show!

Auditions for YSCP’s The Red Shoes by Nancy Harris
Auditions will take place on Saturday 6th July (10am to 1pm) and Sunday 7th July (2pm to 5pm) at Southlands Methodist Church YO23 1NX. A couple of hours will be spent doing simple movement exercises, script work, ensemble work etc. In the last hour auditionees will be seen separately and you are asked to prepare a modern monologue for this. It is not necessary to learn it by heart. Some notes about the characters are below.
If you would like to audition please contact the director, Harri Marshall, as soon as possible to book your slot will her directly. Characters: 
Karen (18-25 ish) Dance experience needed. Innocent type.
Clive (18-25 ish) A villain. Son of the adoptive family. Prone to cruelty. Needs to move well.
Banker (40's 50's) Kind quiet type. Needs to move well. Father of adoptive family.
Banker's wife (40's 50's) Appears kind but is a selfish social climber.
Mags (elderly) Twinkly eyed (possi…

Meet The Duchess

The Duchess of Malfi 

Sheryl Sandberg's "Lean In". Architecture coffee table books. Vogue Italia. A well-cut silk dress. Watching 'Magic Mike' when no one else is around.


Stupidity. Forced convention. Being alone. 

The Duchess is the peace keeper in her own home between her two head-strong brothers. Widowed at a very young age, she's no wilting flower; she knows exactly what she wants and she's not afraid to get it. Being amidst constant power struggles is lonely - she'd love to find an intellectual equal that she can trust. 

"For I know, where I am doom'd to live or die, I can do both like a prince."

Amanda Dales

Book your tickets for the Duchess of Malfi at the Theatre Royal Studio

The Duchess of Malfi is on 6 March- 16 March at 7:45pm.  There's a Saturday matinee on 16 March at 2:00pm.